A story of love and purpose...

Founder, Diana Takach, started Me Do. with the goal of creating products with purpose – that empower children, every day.  Her son, Dean, while very determined, struggles with sensory processing delays which has made even the simplest of tasks a little more challenging for him, compared to her other children, Olivia & Norah.  Trying to get him to wear a hat on his head, we still haven’t perfected. He is often bothered by the stitching on the inside of his t-shirts, and bless his heart, he is bound and determined on doing everything. Himself. 

The name “Me Do.” actually comes from each of her children insisting on “Me do it!” with regards to everything.  I bet you’ve heard that from your 2 or 3 year old preschooler before? We started the collection with two basics, short sleeve tee’s and sweatpants. We quickly grew to learn our customers wanted every basic, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Shorts. Our Me Do. products are made with the lightest seams, softest cotton, and a little bunny to help, with the goal of addressing the needs of children who are just learning to dress themselves.  The bunny helps to quickly connect the cognitive recognition of front versus back. It even and often brings a smile to faces as an added bonus.

I’ve set out to create items that offer a unisex fit combined with sourcing only the finest materials.  The color selection is also highly curated in order to not overstimulate the child and distract them from their goals. We make our products with love, right here in New York City.

It is my hope and passion that you’ll love this brand, and your child will love the products, as much as we do.

With Love AND Sensitivity,

Diana (@lady_di_tak)