Feedback from our beloved Friends

Product Video Review: The Sensory Project

We've made great 'insta' friends with the amazing duo, Rachel & Jessica at the Sensory Project - check them out! We can't thank them enough for their honest video review of the collection.  


Twinstant Gratification: Fave Finds!

Mommy blogger of Twins, Tamar Blazer is the genius of Twinstant Gratification. Her twins Jake + Lilah are darling and she shares her finds paired with humor, because she, as all of us are, in the thick of it. Below is her candid feedback. View the full review here.


"MeDo clothing is super soft and comfortable, which checks a big box off of sensory-sensitive children. Each item of clothing has two adorable bunnies stamped inside. The bunny that is forward-facing and waving delineates the front of the garment, while the adorable rear-facing bunny with a fluffy white tail indicates the back. This brilliant concept helps children learn the proper positioning of the clothing, giving them the confidence to dress themselves and empowering them in a developmentally-appropriate way. Most notably, the bunny tags don’t have a texture, so even the most sensitive children will enjoy wearing the clothing!"