We Love Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mum. Our Hero!

We Love Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mum. Our Hero!

Dads, Mama's, Grandfathers, Significant other's - Mother's Day is Sunday, May May 10th!

This Mother's Day may certainly feel a bit different, with COVID-19 and all.  We wan to help - and empower! With Pre-School's closed, and that convenient  gift for Mom that may have come home in the past, it's not the case this year.  Here's a fun coloring, painting, or dough making trace craft that's fun for all ages, but most empowering and developmental for our toddlers!

We hope you, your little ones, and most importantly, Mom, enjoy.

Wishing you a very, Happy Mother's Day weekend.

With love, and creativity,

Me Do.


We'd LOVE to see your finished work, and mom's smiles on the big day! Please share on instagram @medo_inc with hastag #medomoments

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