Q&A with Me Do. Founder, Diana

Why Sensory Friendly Products?

I believe we all have sensitive senses.  It’s just a matter of when the brain decides how it wants to react.  For most of us, we can go through life without any reaction.  But for those that do, and in particular my sweet son, Dean, it just seemed like the right mission to focus on - putting on a simple T-Shirt was a challenge. The tags, the stitching, the fit...on and on.

I took my background in Digital/eCommerce and relationships in the fashion industry to develop this product passionately.  It’s my purpose to ensure those that need it, get a chance to try it out.

What environment inspires your senses?

I find that the outdoors inspires me the most. Specifically, the ocean.  I have to say, it’s the one space that everyone in my world is happiest.  The sand, the water, the salt air and…the sun.  Now, I’m dreaming of summer.  But we visit the beach year-round.  I don’t care if we’re freezing or melting, it’s our defined happy space as a family.

What triggers a sensory reaction for you?

For those who are closest to me, they know, it’s WET PAPER. If I see it, touch it (which I really would do everything in my power to avoid), or have to now eat it (paper straws are the worst – sorry environmentalists but I’m all for metal straws)…it triggers me immediately to feel nauseous.  Most find this funny, and I embrace it, but to me…it’s vile.

What scares you?

I think what scares me the most, is if my husband or children experience pain.  I truly want them to be happy all the time. I know it’s not possible, nor realistic, but my daily goal is to give them my personal best, so they live their lives in their happiest mental and physical space. I take that vision and purpose into this brand. 

This product is centered around a purpose driven to remove physical and mental pain, so that children can feel and be their personal best. Every day. So when you read this mission statement, it comes from a very real, honest place.

What tires you?

Noise.  I think this is where my son experiences his sensory sensitivity from – me.  I’m often overwhelmed by loud noises or too many conflicting noises.  I tend to become a turtle and hide from it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sound.  I love music. I just don’t like when the TV, music, children vying for attention and a falling dish all happen consequently.  In my shell I go.

What do you love most about Me Do?

Wow, I think honestly it has to be getting the stories back from the families.  When I see a video of their child light up at the sight of the bunny, or hear how much they seek out that item each day, there is no greater reward.



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