A Sensory CSA We LOVE!

How does one define, sensory? According to Miriam Webster, here goes:

Main Entry: sen·so·ry 
Pronunciation: sen(t)s-(-)r
Function: adjective
1 : of or relating to sensation or to the senses <sensory stimulation>
2 : carrying nerve impulses from the sense organs toward or to the brain : AFFERENT <a sensory nerve> 

Most of us are blessed to have five functioning senses. Hearing, smelling, tasting, viewing and touching. For most the nerves feel things as they should and for others it can be heightened or muted.  Either way, the ability to use and experience ones senses is a blessing. 

Art is an amazing place to start with sensory development.  My children have had the good fortune of learning their love of art from two amazing art teachers in our area, Veronica and Lorena.  What's more, they're both incredible female entrepreneurs, which should always be celebrated.

Veronica has created a sensory CSA, and not the fruit and vegetable kind, the art kind, and it's a hit in our house and many others. We just had to share it and hope our tiny customers can enjoy!

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