A message to our most loved customers:

The C Word. Ugh.

There has been so much communication, yet we’re confined, so it’s all coming by way of the media and technology.  As the founder of Me Do., I’m like most of you, trying to manage a simpler way of doing things, coupled with the demands of the household, the full-time-now-remote-job, three children all at different levels of homeschool and some moment of balance and positivity.

What it’s not, is, EASY.  I’m writing you this note in honesty, that this is not easy.  Social distancing is isolating even with family. Our society is not used to it.  But, with everything, we have to trust that this will help, this will pass, and we will return to what was our norm.

The pause is NEEDED.  The pause brings new creativity.  The pause brings the ability to create your new normal.

I created Me Do, to help parents in the midst of our daily hectic lives, to help toddlers learn to get dressed in a way that offered a stress relief in the hustle bustle of the morning chaos.  The chaos is now here in a new way. Our mornings are a bit slower as the commute isn’t looming overhead, and children can stay in their jammies if they want all day.  What a dream!

My promise to you all, is to bring a bit of relief to our new hecticness – homeschooling. How does one homeschool a toddler? (If you’re anything like me, the void we feel without our preschool is big – it’s our littlest ones only ‘her time’ in the midst of being a third child)  I know there is a lot of sharing happening, but I promise you, with purpose, I will share some ideas each week that will bring joy, empowerment and celebration even in a 5 minute break from what we are calling our new normal.

In the event that your toddler still wants to get dressed, we’d welcome any stories or videos to engage with you celebrating a #medomoment in your little one’s lives.  After all, that's what keeps us going.

With love, empathy and purpose,


Founder, Me Do.


For Sharing: My son, Dean (now almost 6) my inspiration for all of this. Pictured in Me Do. Everyday long sleeve Tee and Sweatpants.  (He considers these his jammies).


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